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For years, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities have reckoned on oxygen supply from the outside, which is full of risk.

In order to eliminate all hazards or hassles related to the transportation and logistics systems, there is an absolute need of installing on-site oxygen gas generators. These generators help produce an uninterrupted supply of oxygen gas depending on the user's requirements. On-site oxygen generators eradicate the hassles like refilling the oxygen cylinders again and again, the risk of liquid oxygen evaporating, and the danger of oxygen escaping into the air and causing conflagration; therefore, it is essential for all healthcare facilities and hospitals to install on-site generators.

The recent pandemic, COVID-19, has made the world realize the importance of continuous, high-purity oxygen gas. In these times, the demand for medical-grade oxygen has shot up very high. In a month, India witnessed an order of 9000 tonnes of medical oxygen. The government announced that industries requiring oxygen gas for production have to divert their resources towards medical emergencies driven in due to COVID.

The unprecedented times of coronavirus have made us realize that there is no surety as to what may come ahead in terms of medical emergencies.

MVS on-site medical-grade PSA Oxygen generators provide high-purity, life-saving medical oxygen that can be blindly used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to give oxygen therapies to patients. These generators can also be used to refill oxygen cylinders that can be used in ambulances and other emergency services. These plants manufactured by the company are efficient, reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions to oxygen cylinder delivery and dewars.

MVS Engineering customizes the best-in-class, highly dependable medical oxygen generators according to the user's unique requirements. To find out what best suits your medical oxygen requirements, you can visit the official website


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