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Importance of Nitrogen in the Food Industry  


Nitrogen is an inert gas that comprises 78% of theatmospheric air. It has different applications in different industries, including food and beverages. It plays a vital role in keeping foods in good
condition till they are consumed by customers. Hence, all food processing companies need a regular supply of nitrogen to increase the shelf life of their products. They buy
nitrogen for food preservation and many other uses that can boost industrial benefits.  

Benefits of using nitrogen for food industries  

Nitrogen is used for food processing by applying theaeration technique to maintain consistency in the food texture. This process is very useful for manufacturing aerated chocolates by passing through huge pressure of nitrogen gas. Liquid nitrogen is used for grinding, coating, and freezing
food materials, like meat, poultry products, dairy foods, seafood, fruits, and, vegetables.

Nitrogen is essential in food packaging so that foodmaterials remain fresh till finally consumed. It is the most effective, packaging gas that can replace oxygen and prevent the oxidation of food
products. Thus, nitrogen is used to keep chips, crackers, and other snacks, crispy and tasty for months till the packs are opened. This gas also preserves, bakery foods, candies, dry fruits, and processed meat, preventing them from
getting rotten.

Role of MVS nitrogen generators in the food industry  

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd installs nitrogen gas generatorsat the manufacturing units of food industries. These on-site generators provide a steady supply of nitrogen for food processing and packaging. Thus, food industries do not need to buy nitrogen gas cylinders at a higher price, saving much of their packaging costs. 


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