• Industrial uses of Hydrogen Plant

    Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements available in the universe. H2 is now becoming a suitable source as fuel for various applications. Because of its competence and low environmental impact, the use of H2 is continuously growing as a fuel. As hydrogen has many features and benefits, it is an ideal choice to be used in industrial applications as well.


    Some of the uses of hydrogen:


    1. Fuel Cells


    Fuel cells are used to produce an electric current from a chemical reaction. It can also be used to supply power to a lead-acid battery. In this fuel cell, H2 is used as the fuel supply because of its high calorific value and its electrical conductivity and chemical makeup. H2 is considered environmentally friendly because the only byproducts of this process are heat and water vapor. Fuel cells are used in power material handling equipment, transportation vehicles and businesses and homes.


    2. Producing or Generating Hydrogen


    There are numerous methods to produce hydrogen but utilizing natural gas reforming is the most commonly used method for producing hydrogen these days. Having a hydrogen plant lets the user have hydrogen supply scaled up or down as and when needed. It also lets the user enjoy increased operational efficiency and unnecessary worries related to the delivery of hydrogen cylinders. MVS Hydrogen plants let the user eliminate the issues related to the storing problems of large quantities of gaseous or liquid hydrogen and also puts an end to the continuous logistics burden and safety issues related to the transportation of hydrogen.


    3. Filling stations or Delivery of hydrogen


    H2 filling systems are just like a gas pump at a gas station in terms of its function. These filling systems serve the purpose of refueling the tanks that provide hydrogen to the fuel cells that are used in material handling equipment and other fuel-powered vehicles such as buses and cars.


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